Datesheet 2022


Booked dates seen below can sometimes change due a number of reasons, whether it be logistical, operational or circumstantial.

2FAT4THAT apologise in advance for anyone booking especially to see them and missing out.

Seeing 2FAT4THAT live:

If at any stage you'd like to see the group in action at one of many venues nationwide you may be able to book a nightly entertainment pass if you're local or like some a caravan for a few nights and see them whilst you enjoy a nice leisurely break with the family.

With the holiday parks, If you haven't booked accommodation on-site, check with relevant reception staff at the park/venue on thier nightly pass rules before travelling.

We're all super busy with our solo shows and other projects but we still had time to slot these in!

Dates 2022

6th - Parkdean Resorts Sandford
27th - Waterside - Weymouth
29th - Private Function

2nd - Freshwater Beach - Bridport

15th - Parkdean Resorts - Bideford Bay
22nd - Parkdean Resorts -Lizard Point
23rd - St Ives Bay
24th - Mill Farm
29th - Parkdean Resorts - West Bay
30th - Parkdean Resorts - Ruda

4th - St Ives Bay
5th - Waterside - Weymouth
7th - Ladys Mile - Dawlish
10th - Shorefield Country Park
12th - Parkdean Resorts - Torquay
16th - Ladram Bay
19th - Mill Farm
20th - St Ives Bay
28th - Freshwater Beach - Bridport

1st - St Ives Bay
3rd - Parkdean Resorts - Looe Bay
10th - Parkdean Resorts Ruda

1st - Private Function
14th - Parkdean Resorts - Sandford
15th - Riverside
21st - Parkdean Resorts - Warmwell
22nd Parkdean Resorts - White Acres
28th - Parkdean Resorts - Challaborough 
29th - Parkdean Resorts - Newquay

Christmas 2022 TBC